Tianhuang, Batu Termahal di dunia!

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Tianhuang sekarang menjadi batu termahal didunia,…. Entah itu benar atau salah, namun itulah informasi yang saya baca dari artikel di situs www.articlefield.com yang mereka posting pada tahun 2010 silam. Judulnya “Tianhuang Stone For The World’s Most Expensive Large Value Of Scarce Resources”, artikelnya memang berbahasa inggris, tapi jangan khawatir buat kalian yang tidak faham bahasa tersebut bisa memanfaatkan google translate untuk mengetahui isinya.
Berikut isi artikelnya :

Right now, what the world’s most expensive stone? Is and nephrite or jade? No, it was known as the Emperor Shi Tian Huang! This can be sold for 20,000 yuan a gram of precious stones, is at least an annual price increase rate of 50% of the first ports of the art market. 10 next month, the Guangdong Province, arts and crafts museum will host 100 Tianhuang Showcase, the public will be able to glimpse your style, such as gold, Yellowstone. It is reported that the number of demonstration of so many Tianhuang the first time in Guangzhou.
Extreme scarcity of resources
Mining for hundreds of years less than 1000 kg
Treasures curator Tan Weibin that the present Tianhuang -10 000 yuan per gram price of 5,000 yuan and not expensive, not up to the ceiling. Why is the price of this stone is amazing what a low profile? Tan Weibin analysis, first Tianhuang extremely scarce resources. There are only a few kilometers Shouson Fujian in paddy fields long before they produce Tianhuang, and patchy, has no roots no pulse, the number of very rare, centuries of extraction is less than 1,000 kg. Second, as most fans bought Tianhuang no longer listed on the flow of small pieces of items sold, and the pursuit of the people is increasing, leading to rapid increase in the price.
“Present many varieties as the shortage of resources, in fact, the market is still very substantial amount, but Tianhuang is different, large and small across the country on the art market or fair, it is hard to find any sign of it.” Tan Weibin that field Huang is currently the world’s most rare gems.
Price firm
More expensive than the diamond stone
Growth in the village life, long-term operation in Beijing, said Miss Shi Dihuang Shoushan, 60 grams of one of Tianhuang last year sold 600,000 yuan, is now sold 1.6 million yuan. Today a random shot of a million Tianhuang has become commonplace, even before the collector is not indifference, and texture of the general, only a few grams of weight, price several hundred dollars Tianhuang original stone, and now have several thousand dollars, Tian Huangcheng more expensive than the diamond stone.
Shoushan stone for many years engaged in production of industrial artist Chen predicted that the more Tianhuang sold in the market, the smaller the head and may not be long before even the grain size Tianhuang very expensive. The current price trend is very strong Tianhuang, a Tianhuang hands of enthusiasts want to buy a business from a 74 g crow skin Tianhuang, counter-offer 500,000 yuan, 700,000 yuan would the other party would definitely shot, even a small scrap of the field Huang is also very strong. Shoushan stone market in Fuzhou, a manufacturer of more than 1000 years of accumulation of particles smaller than the fingers of Tianhuang original stone, there are businesses like to offer 1.8 million yuan acquisition, but the factory to talk about non-three million yuan. This shows that buyers and sellers on the market outlook optimistic Tianhuang.
Recently, a giant real estate sector Shoushan stone throwing and Tianhuang billion bid to push up the price Tianhuang line. The auction is the highlight of the auction will Tianhuang as, to shoot a few hundred thousand to several hundred million Tianhuang the exception.
Appreciation of the space
There be?
Tianhuang in the end there is much room for appreciation? Tan Weibin that is rare as long as some people to accept, the boss points to aspirations of more private; money can continue to earn, but is no longer produced Tianhuang not out. Tan Weibin such a metaphor, Tian Huang is a “fall of the stock can only rise.”
Tan Weibin tell us if you want to get from the larger collection Tianhuang return, the best long-term holding, up for sale. Beijing Rong Bao Zhai is currently hiding in a weight of 4500 grams of Tin Huang Zhen Zhai treasure, is the last century 90′s price of 13.5 million, a village to village life purchased, the villagers were ecstatic to return to family built a house there is a surplus, a recent media interview him again, he stamp lamented, regret it, because it Masterpieces rare field close to 100 million yuan worth of the yellow.
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